Crane, Rigging & Signal Person


Crane, Rigging & Signal Person Training

Merit Shop Training, Inc. (MSTI) is an NCCER Endorsed Site for Crane, Rigging & Signal Person Training.  Classes are available for all levels on request.  Our regular schedule includes:

  • *Basic Rigging - Rigging Practices, Crane Safety and Emergency Procedures,  Basic Principles of Cranes, and Crane Communications.
  • *Advanced Rigging - includes: Advanced Rigging, Load Charts, Lift Planning, and Hoisting Personnel.
  • *Mobile Crane Level 1 - Includes Orientation to the Trade, Basic Principles of Cranes, Rigging Practices, Crane Communications, Crane Safety and Emergency Procedures, and Operating a Crane.

*Click the links for each course to see detailed information from NCCERs Candidate Handbook.

Classes held monthly on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weeks of the month as indicated below.  Classes must meet minimum to make.  If classes don’t make, registrants may carry over to the next month.  Call 979-824-7369 to register.


Class Name



Practical Exam





Basic Rigger




1st Thurs-Fri

Adv. Rigger




2nd Tues-Fri

Mobile Crane




3rd Mon-Fri