Legislative Day 2017

ABC Texas Gulf Coast Board Members recently attended  the 2017 Legislative Day Conference in  Austin to address  this years’ construction industry priority issues, including:

· Neutrality in State Government Contracting -protecting merit shop contractors by preventing  governmental entities from requiring the use of   project labor agreements

· Lien Law Modernization - developing a simplified approach that can be embraced by most, if not all, stakeholders

· Public Employees Dues Deduction - preventing   public entities from deducting dues for labor unions and employee associations, resulting in subsidization of those organizations using public money

· E-Verify (Safe Harbor) - If any mandatory E-Verify bill is passed, ensure there will be language to assure the employer will not be penalized if the employer is a victim of fraud and is protected from a discrimination lawsuit

· License for Journeyman Industrial Electrician - proposing a new licensing category to recognize NCCER Industrial Electrician credentials as part of the requirements for this license.


This is just one of the many ways that ABC works on behalf of its membership to improve the local business environment.


Show Your Colors

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) was created to be an advocacy voice for the merit construction industry.

ABC Texas Gulf Coast represents the interests of its members at the local and state levels of government regarding legislation and regulatory proposals which impact the merit construction industry.

ABC lobbies on behalf of the industry in the Texas Gulf Coast area, and is recognized as the voice of the merit construction industry.


ABC PAC works within the federal election process to further the goals of the association through direct involvement in supporting and opposing candidates for the Office of President, United States Senate and United States House of Representatives. This is accomplished through educating our members on the importance of political activism and through financial support of merit shop candidates.  ABC PAC is governed by fifteen board members appointed by the ABC National Chairman. The board members serve a three year term and represent each of the seven regions. The ABC PAC Board of Trustees work with the Regional Vice Chairs and chapter leadership to promote political involvement and assist in raising PAC funds. Trustees approve all disbursements to candidates based on well-established guidelines such as voting records of incumbents.


Contributions to ABC PAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions to ABC PAC are for political purposes. All contributions to ABC PAC are voluntary. You may refuse to contribute without reprisal. The proposed contribution amounts are merely suggestions; you may choose to contribute more or less or not at all. ABC will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or the decision whether to contribute. Federal law requires political committees to report the name, address, occupation and name of employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.