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ABC Board Room (map)
One of ABCs Strategic Objectives is Workforce Development, often referred to as “Building the People Who Build America”.  With 440,000 construction jobs to be filled in 2019, this objective is more critical than ever.

ABC Texas Gulf Coast is pleased to invite ABC Member companies to participate on our Workforce Development Committee, meeting on “Workforce Wednesdays”.  We know that when we bring our varied expertise and resources together we are stronger as we collaborate to find innovative solutions, proven by many successful years of hosting the Construction Exhibition, Safety Day for Educators, and many other career fairs and workforce development initiatives.

The mission of the Workforce Development Committee is to promote and support the development of a Skilled Construction Workforce through CTE education in public schools, the recruitment and accreditation of adults and veterans into the construction workforce.  

This will be achieved by:

• continuing to host the bi-annual Construction Exhibition at Brazosport College (next event in October 2020 with Aaron Ennis of wood serving as Chair)
• implementing “Adopt-A-High School” programs to connect the resources in the contractor/owner community with CTE program needs, such as guest speakers, service as advisors, as well as tangible materials and/or equipment
• utilizing currently defined “common message” techniques to promote careers in construction to targeted audiences using targeted channels
• supporting the CTE Signing Day and Veterans Job Fair hosted by the BCPC Workforce Development Committee

Proposed meeting time for the Workforce Development Committee is bi-monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at 2:30 pm at ABC Texas Gulf Coast.  Other objectives and events may be supported as approved by the committee to achieve value-added, measureable results.

 “Workforce Wednesdays” will begin on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, and I look forward to your company having representation on the committee as we work together to build the skilled construction workforce of the future.