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2019 ABC Local Craft Championships

ABC 2019 Local Craft Championship

The 2019 ABC Local Craft Championship was held November 6, 2019 at Brazosport College.  The competition featured students from the Welding and Millwright Programs.  Competitors had to meet eligibility requirements to compete, and the competition included both written exams and hands-on performance testing.  Former Millwright Craft Champions Cody Barnard, Ashley Agbe, and Chuck Seidler judged the hands-on competition while Tommy Owens of BASF judged the hands-on welding competition.  

Welding competitors included Adrian Ballew of KCG Industrial (first place) and Devan West of Freeport Welding placed second.Millwright competitors included Greg Gatrell of RPM Services (first place) and Steven Hester and Michael Clifton of McGill Maintenance Partnership, Ltd. in 2nd and 3rd place. 

Adrian Ballew of KCG Industrial qualified to move on to the ABC National Craft Championships that will be held in March of 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Brazosport College Instructors Mic Comley (Millwright) and Ken Kaspar (Welding) recommended these students to compete, considering them among the best in their class.  

ABC has a long history of National Craft Champion medalists, and it is hoped that the tradition will continue with this class of competitors.  Congratulations to all competitors, their employers and instructors.  It is only by your collaborative efforts in Craft Education that this caliber of craftsmen are being produced.  Special thanks to all of the judges who are paying it forward by sharing their expertise with the next generation of craft professionals.  You are an inspiration to us all!

ABCs "Workforce Wednesdays"

ABC Texas Gulf Coast Workforce Development Committee

One of ABCs Strategic Objectives is Workforce Development, often referred to as “Building the People Who Build America”.  With 440,000 construction jobs to be filled in 2019, this objective is more critical than ever.

ABC Texas Gulf Coast member companies are invited to participate on our Workforce Development Committee, meeting on “Workforce Wednesdays”.  We know that when we bring our varied expertise and resources together we are stronger as we collaborate to find innovative solutions, proven by many successful years of hosting the Construction Exhibition, Safety Day for Educators, and many other career fairs and workforce development initiatives.

The mission of the Workforce Development Committee is to promote and support the development of a Skilled Construction Workforce through CTE education in public schools, the recruitment and accreditation of adults and veterans into the construction workforce.  

This will be achieved by:

continuing to host the bi-annual Construction Exhibition at Brazosport College (next event in October 2020)
implementing “Adopt-A-High School” programs to connect the resources in the contractor/owner community with CTE program needs, such as guest speakers, service as advisors, as well as tangible materials and/or equipment
utilizing currently defined “common message” techniques to promote careers in construction to targeted audiences using targeted channels
supporting the CTE Signing Day and Veterans Job Fair hosted by the BCPC Workforce Development Committee

Proposed meeting time for the Workforce Development Committee is bi-monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at 2:30 pm at ABC Texas Gulf Coast.  Other objectives and events may be supported as approved by the committee to achieve value-added, measurable results.  If you are interested in participating, please email



Joseph Patterson of McGill Maintenance Wins Bronze at National Craft Championship in March

ABC and MSTI are pleased to announce that Joseph Patterson of McGill Maintenance won the Bronze Medal at the ABC National Craft Championships held in March 2019 in Long Beach, California.  We are excited to have yet another Millwright competitor to represent ABC and MSTI and the exceptional training program at Brazosport College.

Mr. Patterson prepared for both hands-on and written exams for the competition with coaching from some of our past medal winners.  The winning tradition continues with Joseph being the 26th candidate from this program to bring home a medal.

Congratulations to Joseph, his instructors at Brazosport College, his mentors, training coordinators and co-workers at McGill Maintenance, and his family and friends.  Each of you are part of this big accomplishment! 



Mic Comley, Millwright Instructor at Brazosport College and his student Joseph Patterson after receiving the Bronze Medal at the 2019 National Craft Championships in Long Beach, California.

2018 ABC/MSTI Construction Exhibition

2018 ABC/MSTI Construction Exhibition